Renault adopt ‘draconian’ approach to reliability


Renault will tick, tick and tick again any project that impact the reliability of their power unit after adopting a “more draconian” approaching to signing off.

This season Renault will power three of F1’s biggest teams in Red Bull, McLaren and their own works outfit.

However, following last year’s reliability issues managing director Cyril Abiteboul says they are stepping up their quality control procedures.

“There is much more stability, in the sense the engine is much more similar next year to what it was last year versus the previous year,” he told

“We are changing only the parts that will make a difference to the performance, whereas last year pretty much everything – internal combustion engine and hybrid – was new.

“We’re also changing our internal procedure on sign-off, and making sure to be much more draconian in the way we are dealing with project milestones and sign-off of any new part.

“I’m very confident what we are doing on the dyno is very representative and will provide a product that is much more mature as soon as the winter tests [start].”