Renault causing a ‘major issue’ between bosses


Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has said there would be a “major issue” if Marcin Budkowski joins Renault just three months after leaving his post at the FIA technical department.

Budkowski suddenly resigned from his role with the FIA earlier this week and, under Swiss law where the FIA are partly based, he only has to serve a maximum of three months gardening leave which immediately came into effect after his resignation.

With strong rumours circulating that the resignation is due to him being offered a role at Renault, he would be free to join the Enstone-based team and take very valuable technological information learned from all other teams with him into the 2018 season.

Horner was pressed further about this developing issue in the Team Principals’ Press Conference following FP2 in Malaysia and is very concerned about the potential move.

“We take major issue with that if he does end up with another team,” Horner said.

“In these individuals [at the FIA] you place an enormous amount of trust in the role that Marcin has been responsible for and he has been placed at an extremely priviledged position where he has been in wind tunnels and had intimate details of knowledge about next year’s cars.

“To have a three-month notice period and then for him to turn up at a competitive team in Formula 1 is entirely inappropriate, so I certainly hope that isn’t the case and I’m sure it will get discussed seriously at the next Strategy Group meeting.”

No reason was initially given for Budkowski’s resignation at the FIA.