Renault: China was a bad race, bad weekend


As Renault once again walked away from a race weekend without a single point, Cyril Abiteboul admits their Chinese GP finish was "disaster."

Although Renault narrowly missed out on the points in Australia and Bahrain, with Jolyon Palmer and Kevin Magnussen P11 at the respective race weekends, last Sunday they weren't even close.

While Magnussen brought his car home in P17, his team-mate Palmer was last of the runners down in 22nd place.

Labelling the result a "disaster", the team's managing director Abiteboul told Autosport: "We can say that. Let's not be shy, it's not good.

"It was a bad race, a bad weekend. It's absolutely not the sort of performance we want to demonstrate on Sundays.

"Right now we need to focus on the car and there is no excuse to find.

"OK, the best line is because we started late and it's a car that was designed for a Mercedes engine, but that is absolutely no excuse for the lack of progress from that point onwards.

"We cannot be complacent about the fact we are just happy to be here, that we have a lot of excuses because we came late into this. No! No excuse.

"We have no excuse for what we did on the engine, and today we have no excuse for what we're doing on the chassis. So let's look forward."

But it wasn't all bad news as Renault's customer Red Bull finished third and fourth on the day, proving that they have at least made a step forward with their power unit.

"When you look at Red Bull it gives me confidence and shows what's possible.

"It shows – and that's important for Renault – that when we focus on something you can expect something better. We see that when we focus on something you can improve.

"We've been focusing on the engine, and a lot of hard work has been put into it, and there is much more to come that will benefit the four cars."