Renault could quit Formula 1


Renault has admitted they are "looking at their options, including getting out of Formula 1".

The French manufacturer is currently supplying engines to Red Bull and Toro Rosso, but they have had a difficult time since the introduction of the V6 power units at the beginning of 2014.

They had hoped to be closer to Mercedes at the start of 2015, but they were still well off the pace at the season-opening Australian GP which led to a war of words between officials from Renault and Red Bull.

After Red Bull tech guru Adrian Newey criticised the company, managing director Cyril Abiteboul hit back and accused them of telling lies.

With the pressure increasing, Abiteboul admitted during Friday's press conference in Sepang that they are considering their options in the sport.

"I can confirm that we are looking at a lot of options, including getting out of Formula 1," said Abiteboul. "Honestly, if Formula 1 is that bad for Renault's reputation, if we see that we struggle with the current formula, if Formula 1 is not delivering value what it costs Renault, bearing in mind that when you are an engine supplier you have no financial incentive to develop and to fund engine development," he said.

"So this is what we are looking at, and obviously we think that we are a credible player in the sport but we want to compete amongst the best brands and that Formula 1 is good for meet and plan as a brand, then we need to think about what else can we do to what we are doing and if you do that, this is an open market, we have the capacity to have discussions with lots of parties."