Renault: Difficult staying on with Bulls


Although Renault have not said no to powering Red Bull in 2016, Cyril Abiteboul says it would be "very difficult" given all the criticism.

Red Bull's engine saga has dominated headlines of late after the four-time World Champions announced they were splitting with Renault.

But with Mercedes and Ferrari both unwilling to power them, the Milton Keynes squad may be forced to reconcile with Renault.

The French manufacturer, though, may not be open to it.

Abiteboul told Autosport: "The bottom line is we will do what's good for Renault.

"If we are to do something different to what is being anticipated will be done, it has to be good for Renault and serve the purpose of Renault as a player within the sport.

"But frankly when you see the way we have been treated, it's going to be a very difficult sell to my board and to my executive management to do something else to what is currently planned.

"What matters is the intention of Red Bull and Renault, and this is what needs to be looked at."

And although Renault have "no wish to see Red Bull out of the sport", Abiteboul reiterated that the public demise of their relationship will make it difficult to work together.

"We have a long and fruitful relationship with Red Bull, which obviously looks to be nearer its end than its start," he added.

"I really hope we will be able to find a way forward for everyone to do what they feel like they would like to be doing.

"But they've made very, very strong comments about the fact they did not want to work with Renault any more. It's difficult for me to judge anything else at the minute."