Renault extend Red Bull’s engine deadline


Renault have given Red Bull a little more time to make a decision on their engine supplier for the 2019 season.

Red Bull’s current deal with Renault expires at the end of the 2018 campaign and have opened official talks with Honda after they began to supply junior team Toro Rosso.

The relationship between Red Bull and Renault has not always been a healthy one, with Red Bull openly criticising the power performance and reliability of their TAG Heuer-branded power unit.

But Renault are open to extending their partnership with Red Bull and have allowed them more thinking time before they need a definitive answer ahead of next season.

“After twelve years together marked by many wins, we would be ready to continue with them,” Abiteboul told Auto-Hebdo.

“The number one issue is timing. We won’t be able to guarantee the availability of a Renault engine for 2019 beyond May 31. We were nice, we gave them two extra weeks.”

The FIA have to be told by May 15 which engine supplier each team intend on using, but a extension can be granted if both the governing body and manufacturer agree to it.

Red Bull have openly stated that performance is their predominant concern for the seasons ahead.