Renault: No questions about blown rear wing


As pre-season testing drew to a close, Renault’s Nick Chester says as far as he is aware, rivals are not questioning the team’s new blown rear wing.

Renault’s RB18 raised a few eyebrows in testing due to different positioning of their exhaust pipe.

That has been directed upwards – by the maximum five degrees – to blow air onto a specially heat-treated rear wing.

And while there are some whispers that rivals aren’t happy with the design, technical director Chester says Renault aren’t aware of any complaints.

“I haven’t heard anything at the moment,” he told Autosport.

“You can put your exhaust in a bodywork box, and we’ve just got it towards the top of the bodywork box.

“So far, [there are] no concerns about that.”

He added: “Everybody has to have an exhaust and all exhausts are going to blow the rear wing to a degree.

“The whole reason we came up with the bodywork box for the exhaust was to limit how far you could go.

“If you run to the top of the bodywork box I don’t see it as too big a problem.”