Renault ‘not attacking’ rivals over oil query


Red Bull’s recent call for the FIA to clarify whether teams can burn oil as fuel was not engine partner Renault “attacking anyone in particular”.

According to Autosport, Red Bull approached the FIA to enquire about whether teams can burn oil as fuel.

The publication states that the query was raised amidst speculation that Mercedes are doing just that.

The FIA ruled that it was illegal.

Renault, Red Bull’s engine partner, have welcomed the ruling and insisted that they were not specifically targeting “anyone in particular.”

Renault’s F1 managing director Cyril Abiteboul told Autosport: “Clarification of regulations is always very important, whether it is suspension or whether it is fuel systems, but also oil.

“We are right now in the period of the year where you have lots of traffic [communication] going around – that is important.

“We were not attacking anyone in particular. But we needed to make sure that it is clear to everyone, and it can be properly monitored and enforced that fuel should remain the primary combustible used in F1.”

He added: “We are coming into systems that are so complex, and it is very much like suspension systems.

“We can refer to the spirit of the regulations – the combustibles are clear for everyone that they should be fuel – but having said that any engine will burn oil.

“But whether you burn oil for lubrication or as a combustible is something completely different.

“What we feel is that we need to be extremely clear about what should be the spirit, and we need to be clear also and that should be the FIA’s responsibility to make sure that it is enforceable. I accept that it is challenging.”