Renault struggling to keep their cool


Renault appear to have given themselves a bit of a “headache” with cooling of the RS18 as they’ve looked to gain maximum aerodynamic performance.

This year’s car is a little tighter packed than last season’s RS17.

The car showed promise in pre-season testing with Carlos Sainz fifth on the overall timesheet with a 1:18.092, less than a second off the pace.

But while Renault have pushed for performance, chief technical officer Bob Bell admits it has come with a bit of a cost.

Speaking of the impact the 2018 rules have had on the car’s design, he told Motorsport.comn: “It can effect some of the thermal conditions we have to meet on integrating the power unit into the chassis, but not to any great extent.

“If you look at the car and compare it to last year you’ll see we’ve gone even greater lengths to try to squeeze all the componentry together.

“That makes it even harder to manage the thermal flows of the car.

“So no, we pushed like hell to get the maximum aerodynamic performance from the car and that means squeezing everything closer together and giving ourselves more headache with thermal management.”