Renault updates to come in Spa, Monza


Renault are planning to bring "software and hardware updates" to Spa and Monza as they attempt to narrow the pace deficit to Mercedes and Ferrari.

The Enstone-based team ruled out another major update would come this season after introducing a significant upgrade at Silverstone, but Renault engine chief Rémi Taffin has said they are working hard to keep adding to this year's car.

"Spa and Monza will see new software and hardware updates," said Taffin.

"We are looking at Monza as a benchmark as it could provide a clear picture of the ranking of the engines.

"Being in the top 10 will be a good result as these next two circuits are power-hungry.

"After Monza, we have more races and more things in the pipeline, the next two months will be important for the 2017 season outcome."

Renault ultimately want to "level up" in all areas with a view toward improving their overall race pace.

"We know we're not the fastest on the grid, but as a team we are showing we are the force after the top three," he added.

"Qualifying pace has looked good, with Britain and Hungary exemplifying our ability to be the fourth best team.

"It's just a case of building on that and bettering the race pace.

"That comes from levelling up everything, we need to show off reliability and mileage and that is something we are giving close attention.

"We are on a good trend and we will keep adding performance in terms of both aerodynamics and engine so hopefully this can be seen in the upcoming races."