Renault won’t quit F1

Date published: March 20 2015 - Editor

Despite another round of criticism from lead team Red Bull Racing, Cyril Abiteboul is adamant Renault won't turn their back on F1.

Following four successive Championship doubles with Red Bull, Renault suffered a fall from grace last season.

The French manufacturer's 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engine failed to match its Mercedes counterpart, leaving Red Bull struggling to even battle for wins never mind World titles.

Added to that, the unit proved to be unreliable which is an issue that has carried over into this year's Championship.

While vibrations from the engine allegedly led to Daniil Kvyat's gearbox failure before the start of the Australian GP, Daniel Ricciardo finished in sixth place, a lap behind Mercedes race winner Lewis Hamilton.

The resulted in even more criticism from Red Bull team boss Christian Horner and questions about Renault's future.

The other thing for certain, though, is they won't be walking away from Formula 1.

Managing director Abiteboul insisted to Autosport: "Not a chance, I would like to make sure we can find a way forward.

"We are also looking at overall situation of the sport, it's not just assessment of the teams but also how the sport is doing from a business perspective, the TV figures.

"I don't want to be out of F1, because it's a great marketing platform for what we are aiming to do in countries such as China and India."