Ricciardo ‘90% sure’ he’ll have engine penalties


Daniel Ricciardo believes he’s on course for engine penalties this season after taking his second energy store unit in China.

The Red Bull driver retired from last Sunday’s Bahrain Grand Prix due to an electronic failure.

The team has since confirmed damage to the battery unit while the Aussie’s RB14 also required new control electronics.

This season the number of penalty-free energy stores and control electronics has been reduced to two apiece.

“We’ve got a second one, if we do it again then we’ve got a penalty,” said Ricciardo.

“Two have to last the year and one, I believe, is in a bin in Bahrain. We survived with one for one race.

“It’s more likely than not we’ll have a penalty. Hopefully it’s happening later – I’m 90 percent sure.”

He added: “I was more disappointed, it’s too early to be frustrated.

“Just to start being frustrated and overdrive, I don’t think that’s the right mindset right now.

“I was disappointed with the result, I wanted to break something, but I’m not at the point where I’m frustrated.”