Ricciardo: Aeroscreen is no hindrance


As the proceedings of Friday's Formula 1 actions wraps up, a big talking point of the day was how Daniel Ricciardo's Red Bull ran after they introduced their canopy screen in FP1.

Making its debut, many drivers across the gird were against the idea of having a 'halo' shaped canopy on their car as they were concerned that their vision would get affected. However, Ricciardo rubbished those claims saying that there was no hindrance what so ever.

Although he said it didn't really alter his vision, the Australian did add that it is quite distracting.

"In terms of visibility it was pretty good," he revealed.

"The peripheral vision was fine, the way it is built it is sort of in line with the mirrors are you are not really hindered at all.

"It is just a bit weird having the structure so that is something you have to get used to, but the pure visibility and seeing what was around you, I had a Ferrari in front of me, but still what you see, the points on track where pretty much unaltered so I think that was positive.

"For sure it is different, but I think the crux of it was pretty good."