Ricciardo expresses his admiration for Horner


Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo has heaped praise on his team boss Chirstian Horner, saying that they have a special bond with one another.

Revealing his appreciation, Ricciardo said that Horner brings so much to the Red Bull squad and that he really is a remarkable person to have in the garage.

Since his promotion from Toro Rosso to Red Bull in 2014, the Australian has had three different team-mates.

However, the 27-year-old has reiterated his complete faith in Horner, citing his people skills as a major factor for keeping the Austrian-based outfit at ease.

“He’s pretty easy going to be honest, he’s present in a lot of our meetings and speaks up, he’s not just sitting there and listening, he definitely has an opinion especially when it comes to race strategy,” Ricciardo explained.

“I get along with him pretty well, he plays a good role in the team, he’s a good people person, if there is any tension I think he’s got a good hand on managing those issues.

“I think he’s doing pretty well here, he’s pretty experienced now, I like him as a boss, I think he’s honest and fair, and yeah, doesn’t give me too much of a hard time, so that helps.”

Ricciardo also went on to add that his relationship with Horner extends to beyond the track as they try and socialise with each other outside of the team garage.

“It’s hard to socialise [at the track] as it’s always business talk,” continued.

“I try and do a few meals throughout the year, you get away from racing and talk about other things and I think it’s nice for relationships to know a little bit about what’s happening in your own personal life.

“It creates a bit more of a closer relationship than just talking about tyre pressures and strategy the whole time, so we try and make a few points during the season to have a non-racing catch up.”