Ricciardo frustrated at lack of success


Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo has admitted that he should be achieving more in Formula 1 after failing to win the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday.

Before the Monaco Grand Prix, Ricciardo was in another race-winning position at the Spanish GP after the two Mercedes drivers took themselves out the race,  but his team decided to put him on a three-stop strategy, which proved a failure as his teammate Max Verstappen race to victory on a two-stop strategy.

At Monaco a delayed pitsop caused the Australian to fall behind World Champion Lewis Hamilton while he was in the lead. He also qualified on pole.

With eleven podiums and three victories to his name, Ricciardo revealed that at almost 27-years of age he thought he would have achieved much more in the sport than he has already.

“I’ve had my head held high all season,” he told Sky Sports News.

“Part of the frustrating thing is that I really do believe, and I’ve believed it for a long time – I don’t want to say it because it’s arrogant. But I believe a lot in my ability, let’s just say that. And I should be getting more rewarded.

“I’m 27 very soon and I don’t even have anything close to a world title and I believe I should have something like that very soon.

“Two weeks now, it could have been two wins and it’s not. It’s getting a little bit long in the tooth.”