Ricciardo hopes for more ‘fun’ in 2017


Daniel Ricciardo is hoping next year’s cars will be a “lot more fun” to drive as Formula 1 embraces wider tyres, wings and more downforce.

Next season the sport will undergo a massive overhaul of the technical regulations.

The aim is to make the cars more aggressive looking and up to five seconds per lap faster.

Ricciardo is hoping it also makes Formula 1 racing a lot more “fun.”

He said: “I’m confident the cars will be quicker, the cornering speeds will be quicker.

“I think that’s one thing which obviously we’re all going to be open to. If it is a bit more physical, not that it’s not [at the moment]… just to feel the car a bit more in the high-speed corners.

“I know our car is very strong in high-speed corners and I still feel like I want to do more, so I can imagine midfield teams, they’re not really experiencing a massive amount of Gs and grip.

“Looking at that, the wider tyres and more downforce, it should make that part a lot more fun.

“How much it’s going to change, I don’t know. I’m having fun as Formula 1 is now, but of course, you can always improve things. Even if this improves one part of it, then that’s a positive.”