Ricciardo: I learned a lot from last year’s worries


F1 World Championship contender Daniel Ricciardo has claimed that suffering a horrible 2015 season with Red Bull has made him a better driver.

Ricciardo feels he has become a more mature and appreciative driver because of last year, especially after having a tremendous 2014, when he was victorious in three races.

“I learned a lot from last year, having a pretty good equipment in 2014 and going back a step for the first part of 2015 and then sort of coming out of that,” said the Australian.

“Last year shaped me into being a more appreciative driver. When it was a good day, I felt I really maximise that good day and made the most of it because not every day on track was good.

“It’s just set me up this year for a more mature approach to the sport, a more hungry approach as well because I want more of those good days.

“Now that we’ve got a better car than we did 12 months ago, I feel I am able to take advantage of those good days more often.”

Despite having blundered pitstops and questionable strategy calls, Ricciardo remains a real threat to the Mercedes duo, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

With their Renault engine upgrade, Red Bull are looking very dangerous and have even pipped ahead of Ferrari as Mercedes’ main competitor.

“I’ve had quite a few front starts. It’s definitely been more positive,” the 26-year-old added.

“I don’t think we’ve lucked into it, a lot of the times we’ve had genuine pace.

“That’s been a lot more fun. Everyone is happier and more motivated. It seems once you’ve got the performance, it sort of becomes easier.”