Ricciardo in favour of Red Bull ‘canopy’


Daniel Ricciardo is hoping that Formula 1 will lean towards Red Bull's canopy design rather than the halo when it comes time to choose cockpit protection.

Ferrari have already trialed the halo design, which is believed to be leading the charge, out on track with both drivers putting in a lap with the device during pre-season testing.

Not everyone was enamored by the design with Red Bull revealing that they have a suggestion of their own.

Ricciardo has had a taste of the canopy having sat in a car carrying a mock-up of the design and says he would prefer Red Bull's design.

"I sat in it in the factory in the bay with the mock-up design," he said. "Getting out was okay.

"From a visibility point of view, sitting there, it was fine. That seemed like a pretty good first trial for us.

"In terms of function I think the Red Bull one is good. I didn't drive the Ferrari one, but the Red Bull one seemed to cover a few more bases."

The Aussie also refuted suggestions that the two side struts impaired his vision in any way.

He said: "No, they have done them so that they are in line with the mirrors.

"The mirrors where they are now block a certain part of our vision, and these bars are in line so it did not actually impede anything extra from what we have now."