Ricciardo: Max should listen to his elders


Daniel Ricciardo reckons Max Verstappen could learn a lot by listening to his elders on the F1 grid rather than insisting that he knows what he’s doing.

The Aussie was asked by Autosport to break down his Red Bull team-mate’s strengths and weaknesses.

While Ricciardo reckons Verstappen’s independent streak can be a strength, he feels it is also a weakness for his team-mate who needs to learn to listen to the advice offered by others.

“He’s obviously willing to push the car on the limit and that’s obviously a really good thing,” he said.

“And weakness, I would say his age. But not his age in the sport.

“He’s done the racing a long time so it’s not necessarily that, but it’s probably just in life.

“Probably just absorbing some things from older people – like last year when he was doing some things with braking [zones].

“A lot of the older drivers would say: ‘Look, we don’t think this is right’, or something. And Max would be like ‘I know what I’m doing’ kind of thing.

“That’s a strength that he is independent, but may be a weakness …

“But that will come with time, and he will then understand maybe a little bit of advice from the older guys.”

As for working with Verstappen, who joined Red Bull ahead of the 2016 Spanish GP – a race he would go on to win, Ricciardo believes he too has things he can learn from the Dutchman.

“I always try and learn from everyone.

“Because driving is such a technical sport, there’s always something different you can apply. A different technique or whatever, a way to set the car up.

“I can’t say there’s one place where I’m like: ‘Well, I learned that from Max.’ You learn these things subconsciously.

“Because we are both very motivated and very determined to win, we are constantly pushing each other, but also our engineers are trying to really find a way to make the car different.

“We started off with quite different set-ups. And then we kind of merged together.

“So maybe I did some things which I didn’t think would work, and maybe some things he was doing [as well].

“Like this, you start to learn some things.”