Ricciardo: Mercedes trying to transfer pressure


Billed by Mercedes as the favourites for the Monaco win, Daniel Ricciardo reckons rivals are trying to put pressure on the Red Bull drivers.

Although Ricciardo has finished on the podium the last two years running in Monte Carlo, Red Bull have not won the Monaco Grand Prix since Mark Webber’s triumph in 2012.

It is, however, a track that suits their RB F1 cars as the nature of the circuit means downforce and tyre grip are more important than horsepower.

As such Mercedes have claimed that Red Bull are the favourites for Sunday’s win with Lewis Hamilton saying they’ll be “very hard” to beat.

Ricciardo reckons that’s a bit of mind games coming into play.

“I think they are trying to take a little pressure off them and put it on us,” he told Sky Sports.

“It’s no secret that we are always pretty good around here.

“I think it will be very close between us and particularly Ferrari, and we’ll see where Mercedes is.”

He does, however, acknowledge that Red Bull have a good chance of fighting for the win this weekend.

“I would love this feeling coming into every race that we genuinely have a chance to fight for the win.

“I can’t wait to get on the circuit and push the car to the limit. Hopefully that will be enough.”

Their hopes of Monaco success were boosted in Spain when Red Bull were faster in the final sector, a section of the track that is very Monaco like.

Ricciardo, though, says that doesn’t guarantee they’ll be the quickest this weekend.

“Even if we were quick there [in Barcelona’s third sector], everyone will put everything on their car and that will minimise that advantage.

“That’s why I say there are no guarantees we will be quickest. But the DNA of our car solid and this year’s car is better than last year’s.”