Ricciardo: No Ferrari agreement in place


Daniel Ricciardo says reports that he has a pre-arrangement with Ferrari for 2019 are "not true", adamant he has "only" spoken with Red Bull.

Earlier this week a report emerged claiming that Ricciardo had signed an agreement with Ferrari regarding talks for next year's championship.

According to Motorsport Magazine's Mark Hughes, Ricciardo and Ferrari entered a contract which means "neither party can officially negotiate with another" during a set period of time.

That time, Hughes added, is believed to be June 30.

Ricciardo, though, insists he has not spoken with anyone but Red Bull about 2019.

"I've only had talks with Red Bull," he said during Thursday's press conference in Baku.

"Even already last year we’ve been pretty open with each other. 

"I think through the media as well everyone's aware they're interested in keeping me, we've had some talks regarding that.

"Obviously I'm aware of other reports but there hasn't been anything else so they're not true, at least up until now, certainly not."

As for why the Aussie has yet to commit to Red Bull, or anyone else for that matter, he says it is because he wants to make sure that he's in a car capable of winning the title next season.

"The real requirement is to try and put myself in a position to win a World title. 

"It doesn't mean where I am currently is not that place but I think that's why I'm trying to take my time with it is because it's still too early.

"Obviously we won last race, that was great. Realistically we need to win more than just once in the season to fight for a title so that's why I'm going to take my time. 

"That's the priority for sure. The financials and all that is definitely behind that."