Ricciardo: Red Bull title can’t be long-term plan


Daniel Ricciardo has made it clear to Red Bull that they need to up the pace and put him in a championship-winning position or else he’ll have to look at other teams.

Although the Aussie is contracted to Red Bull for next season, Ricciardo is beginning to feel frustrated with Red Bull’s lack of results.

The team had hoped that this year’s new aerodynamica regulations would put them in the driving seat, however, they missed the mark and have fallen to third in the standings.

And unless they get it right, Ricciardo says he’ll have to start looking elsewhere in order to achieve his goal of winning a World title.

“Obviously now it gets to that point where we really, and I, want to be fighting for a championship,” he told Fairfax Media from Monaco.

“It can’t kind of be a long-term plan anymore to me.

“Obviously I thought this year would be a chance and that seems to be slipping away.

“So we have got to see some real progress over the year and a sign that next year it can be delivered, because it is just, obviously, personal goals …

“I have won a few races now and all that and that’s great, but what I really want is a championship, so we’ll see how the progress goes.”

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