Ricciardo: Red Bull will find a way


Although Daniel Ricciardo admits Red Bull are in the midst of a "situation", the Aussie believes the team will find a way through.

Set to part ways with Renault at the end of this season, Red Bull are currently in the hunt for a new engine supplier.

The four-time World Champions have been rejected by Mercedes and are now looking to Ferrari for power.

Should the team fail to land a competitive engine, several key members have warned Red Bull could withdraw from Formula 1.

However, for now Ricciardo says he's not worried about losing his job.

"I'm not [concerned] to be honest," he told Sky Sports News.

"Sure, we've got a situation that we need to resolve, but the way I see it we've still got time on our side.

"I think there is enough desire in the team to be on the grid in a competitive way, so I'm faithful we will find a way not only to be on the grid but to be competitive.

"That's really what we want."