Ricciardo reflects on disappointing Monaco GP


With the Formula 1 season officially over, Daniel Ricciardo reflected on his most disappointing race of the season, where a botched pit-stop hindered him from winning the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Aussie driver admitted that he wanted his own space after the race and went straight to his apartment after standing P2 on the podium.

While he was in the lead at the Monaco Grand Prix, Ricciardo stopped for a fresh set of slicks, but a miscommunication within the Red Bull garage resulted in him waiting in the pit-lane for an extended period of time, making way for Lewis Hamilton to get ahead of him and eventually win the Grand Prix.

“Basically the only person I saw after the race was Helmut [Marko]. He was sort of waiting in my room, just to I guess apologise,” Ricciardo told Motorsport.com’s GP Gazette magazine.

“Then I went straight back to my apartment.

“It’s not my style to spit the dummy if you like, I just felt it wasn’t going to be a good environment for anyone, so I was like ‘let me just go back and be in my own space’.

“I spoke to Christian [Horner] the Monday after the race, he called me, and again he was obviously apologetic.

“We obviously took a few days to overcome it, but I wasn’t calling him names or anything.

“I knew everyone was heartbroken – it was just a shitty situation.”

Ricciardo eventually finished the season third on the Drivers’ Championship table and claimed a victory at the Malaysian Grand Prix.