Ricciardo to adopt ‘calculated but fearless approach’


As Daniel Ricciardo gears up for what he hopes will be a title fight, the Aussie says he’d rather crash while trying to pass than stay put for 70 laps.

Although Ricciardo has been a race winner in three of the last four seasons, the Red Bull driver has yet to truly throw his hat into the ring for a Drivers’ Championship.

His best performance in the standings to date has been two P3s, however, in both seasons he was over a 100 points behind the World Champion.

“I still want to fight for that title,” he told The Guardian. “Wanting it is one thing but just being in the fight is the minimum I would ask.”

He added: “I am in a window now where I still feel young enough to have the fearless approach, but old enough in terms of experience so that over a championship if I had the car, I could win when I could and take points when I could.

“In a fight I believe I have the tools to win.

“I believe I can get it done with the right material.”

There are hopes that this year’s RB14 is that “right” material with Ricciardo finishing third fastest on the overall pre-season timesheet.

Red Bull also showed good long run pace with many pundits putting them right behind Mercedes in the pecking order.

And Ricciardo says he’s going to take his chances out on track to ensure he has the best shot possible.

“In the end you have to just pull the trigger,” he said. “Trust the car, trust the brakes, just go.

“It is a calculated but fearless approach – I am going to try and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

“I will be happier if I crash by trying than not trying and running around behind the same guy for 70 laps.”