Ricciardo unsure if Vettel would block move


Although committed to Red Bull for the near future, Daniel Ricciardo reckons any chance of him moving to Ferrari could “maybe” be vetoed by Sebastian Vettel.

Ricciardo and Vettel teamed up in 2014, the year in which Vettel not only lost the World title but also failed to win a single grand prix whereas Ricciardo, in his first season with Red Bull, won three races.

It was the only time that Vettel has ever lost to a team-mate, leading Ricciardo to question whether he would be happy partnering the Aussie if he ever left Red Bull for Ferrari.

“Yeah maybe!” he told the Daily Mail when asked if Vettel would try to block a move.

But, he added, the German would also be wanting to fight him again on an equal footing after losing out in 2014.

Ricciardo continued: “But one quote that came out which was more accurate was that it’s like in a fighter’s record. If they lose to someone they always want to get that chance again if they believe they can clear the record.

“I know Seb, I know he’s confident about himself, very driven so if he could get a chance to clear his record I think he would accept it.”

Ricciardo, though, won’t be heading to Ferrari any time soon.

Asked whether he would still be at Red Bull next season, he replied: “I can confidently say that now.

“The only reason I would look elsewhere would be to fight for a World title. It’s not appealing to jump ship for something that isn’t better. The red stuff’s hit the headlines which I didn’t expect because I didn’t think I drove it.

“I was very honest when I got asked if I’d had contact [with Ferrari] and I said I honestly haven’t so it’s all just been through the media. The conversations never took place.”

And 2017 is unlikely to be Ricciardo’s last with Red Bull Racing, unless of course Mercedes come knocking.

He added: “I am with Red Bull for a couple of years beyond this one but even if I wasn’t I would only be interested if… Mercedes would be the only one who could say “look we’re definitely fighting for a World title.”

“There’s no way out [of Red Bull contract] but it’s obviously my choice as well and yeah, I’m committed.”