Ricciardo: Vettel drove as if I wasn’t there


Daniel Ricciardo reckons there was nothing he could do to avoid clashing with Sebastian Vettel in Sunday's Mexican Grand Prix.

The former team-mates collided at Turn 1 on Sunday with the impact on Ricciardo's front wing puncturing Vettel's tyre.

The stewards investigated the incident but declared that there would be no punishment for either driver.

Ricciardo, though, feels Vettel drove as if he "wasn't there" in the corner.

"I was just there and wasn't necessarily making a move or anything, but at the start you're all sort of bunched up," he explained.

"I was just there on the inside, I didn't feel like I could go anywhere else and he just basically took the apex as if I wasn't there.

"I don't really know what else I could have done."

And although Vettel was initially angry over the collision, he later conceded that it was racing incident.

"Initially I was pretty angry because I have a puncture and the race is lost," he said.

"Looking at it now – it's the start of the race, and I think it was correct not to take any action on it.

"I don't think Daniel had anywhere to go. Equally he was trying but there was no gap really."