Ricciardo wants return to V8s


Infiniti Red Bull Racing team driver Daniel Ricciardo believes the switch from V8 to V6 engines has left Formula One lacking atmosphere and entertainment value.

F1 switched to the turbo charged engines in 2014, resulting in reduced noise levels and leading criticism from fans, observers and even those inside the paddock.

Ricciardo told Foxsports.com.au that many of the drivers sympathise with the fans and also want a return to larger engines.

“I think it’s on all of our wish lists. When you go to an event and see it live, part of that noise and sound creates an atmosphere. And how Formula One is now, it just lacks that a little bit,” said Ricciardo.

“People want something when they come to a live race, and that distinctive scream of an F1 car is just missing at the moment and we all want it back. It’ll happen one day soon hopefully and go back to its roots.”

Ricciardo’s wish for bigger engines will not be granted in 2016, but his hope for more noise may just well be. From 2016 onwards, the entire grid will have an additional exhaust pipe in hopes of increasing the volume levels at live events.