Rivals sympathetic over Haas’ bad luck


Haas boss Günther Steiner has said other teams in the Formula 1 paddock are feeling sorry for them and their bad luck so far this season.

A combination of pit-stop issues, DNFs and bits of bodywork falling off the car have all contributed to restricting the American outfit to P8 in the Constructors’ Championship.

Steiner also pinpointed Romain Grosjean’s run-in with a groundhog in Canada as the clearest sign yet that things are just not going Haas’ way.

“I wouldn’t say deserve [a change in luck] because that is a little bit presumptuous,” Steiner said.

“But we wish [for it] because other teams have come to me to say, ‘what have you done to get it all?’

“For me, the weirdest thing is the groundhog running into us. There are 20 cars out there, a groundhog on their own, and we are going to hit it! And on the nose, not on the wing!

“If you try to do that, you can try for a 1000 years and it will never happen. It is one of these freak things.

“We don’t deserve it – but we need to work hard and it will come to us. [You have to] hope that lady luck comes to you.”