Ron: McLaren-Honda ready for challenge


In typical Ronspeak, McLaren Group CEO Ron Dennis has promised that the squad are prepared for a "challenging climb" to reach the top of the mountain with Honda.

The Japanese manufacturer has returned as McLaren's engine supplier, but they have had several teething problems so far with Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button completing less than 100 laps between them at the first pre-season test at Jerez.

"You don't expect to be at the top of the mountain the day you start climbing. It takes time and you also have to prepare well," Dennis is quoted as saying by Reuters.

"We are very much preparing for the climb, and it’s going to be a challenging climb but it’s a climb that both Honda and McLaren have made several times together."

McLaren and Honda have a successful history though as they won four consecutive Drivers' Championships from 1988 to 1991.

Speaking during a press conference at Honda's global headquarters in Tokyo Dennis said: "Honda is a phenomenally committed company and the challenge we face together as we approach the 2015 season is just huge.

"Our competitors have had one year's head start, which again amplifies the challenge. The rules and regulations have never been so complex for the power units.

"As we approach this first Grand Prix, the expectation becomes more intensive. The pressure from our fans, our drivers, our sponsors, the media gets more and more intense – but we are ready for the challenge."

He added: "We will have success because history shows that Honda always succeeds and the Honda-McLaren partnership of the ‘80s is something we intend to reproduce.

"I hope to be stood [here in Japan] in the not too distant future celebrating the World Championships that I’m very confident we will win together, given some time. The first challenge is to win a first Grand Prix and, in the short term, compete in Australia and finish with the most competitive result that we can possibly have."