Rosberg: I wanted to win my home race


Championship leader Nico Rosberg was left deeply disappointed after he failed to win the Monaco Grand Prix for a fourth time in a row.

Finishing in an unfamiliar P7, the Monaco-raised driver expressed his regret that he was unable to match his Mercedes teammate and eventual race winner Lewis Hamilton as he was ordered by the team to allow the Brit to pass.

"I'm disappointed with today, I wanted to win my home race and didn’t manage it," said the 30-year-old.

“It was pretty simple at the time, I was very far off the pace.

"Lewis still had a chance to win the race, quite clearly as he did. It was quite straightforward from the team, give the other guy a chance to win the race, it was painful but quite simple at the time."

On the race itself, Rosberg admitted that he has no idea why he wasn't able to keep up with the pace of the front-runners and added that a series of incidents throughout the GP may have been the cause.

"Definitely baffled by that lack of pace initially," he continued.

"Just felt completely, I don’t know what, no confidence in the beginning on those tyres, and then it just didn’t go my way in the pitstops. We had an issue at the pitstop.

"As a result of the delay with the issue in the pitstop, then I got traffic so I had to hold and lost even more as cars just went by. And when you’re behind cars in Monaco, that’s it."