Rosberg on life after Formula 1


Retiring just days after winning his first ever World Championship, Nico Rosberg insisted that he will pursue other ventures now that his career is over.

The German explained that life is much more relaxing now that he is not battling with his former team-mate and rival Lewis Hamilton and added that he will keep himself busy as he enjoys retirement.

"Life has more to offer than driving around in circles," said the 31-year-old.

"Now all of a sudden it's freedom.

“I'm going to go visit children who are quite ill, and especially children of an age who will be really happy to see me.

"Renewable energy is something that could be quite interesting. There's so many possibilities, electrical cars as well."

Rosberg also explained that hiring a sports psychologist was one of the key factors for claiming the Drivers’ World Championship.

"[Meditation] is a big word and often misinterpreted," he said.

"The way I did it was more a concentration practice and learning to control your mind a little bit, which you really do with spending a bit of time on it.

"Also learning to be more aware of your emotions and thoughts. Because if you are aware of them, you can slow them down and move your mind into other things and more positive thoughts.

"That really was one of the ingredients to me being even stronger.

"It really was beneficial."