Rosberg: Ricciardo should go to Ferrari

Date published: May 26 2018 - Editor

Daniel Ricciardo should drop Red Bull in favour of Ferrari for next year’s championship; that’s according to Nico Rosberg.

Ricciardo’s future remains uncertain with some reports linking him to Ferrari and others to Mercedes.

The Red Bull had made it clear that he won’t be pushed into a decision given that his next contract is the one that could define his career.

Ricciardo has stated that he wants a car capable of winning a World title and will look at his options later this season.

Former champ Rosberg reckons he should look no further than Ferrari.

“Ask me [about] individual drivers, where they should go: Ricciardo, I would say Ferrari,” the German told

“I think he should go to Ferrari. It [Vettel and Ricciardo together] worked at Red Bull, didn’t it, for one year.

“I’m not sure if Vettel is going to be too happy about him joining, because Ricciardo was faster than him in Red Bull.

“So, I don’t know. But apart from that I think that would be a good choice for him, a good move.”

Rosberg added that he has been impressed by Ferrari’s improved form which has seen Sebastian Vettel take two race wins and three pole positions.

“I’m very surprised because I know how incredible Mercedes is,” he said.

“I thought last year Ferrari, new regulations, maybe they just got a few things right and then Mercedes with time, with the development, would just completely disappear again.

“I’m completely surprised that Ferrari generally has the better car at the moment.

“I didn’t expect that. They have done fantastically.”