Sainz: 20 laps to adapt to Halo


Carlos Sainz believes it will take the drivers all of “20 laps” in testing to adjust to life with Halo.

This season the Formula 1 cars will all be fitted with the cockpit protection device after the FIA made it mandatory.

Halo is, however, still dividing opinion.

While most are stuck on it being ugly, Sainz reckons it is not “too bad” having seen it fitted to his new RS18.

“I think it can be an effective device,” said the Spaniard.

“As drivers, we will have to adapt to it, 20 laps or so in testing should be enough time.

“The engineers will see how it affects aerodynamics. I have seen the work done in the wind tunnel back in the factory but now we need to test its behaviour on track.

“Visually, I don’t think the Halo looks too bad once it has been integrated in the car. We will all get used to it and it will be normal fairly quickly.”