Sainz denies cleaner image after Renault switch


Carlos Sainz has refuted claims that he has opted for a cleaner image since moving to Renault, stating that he shaves "every Thursday".

A clean-cut Sainz was unveiled ahead of the United States Grand Prix, where the Spaniard finished P7 on his debut for the Enstone team.

Sainz was often seen at Toro Rosso with his cap facing backwards, scruffy hair and stubble but now has a neater look.

Asked whether he it was intentional to mark his new start, he protested: "No! I shave every Thursday."

"I get my hair cut when I get my hair cut, but because I wear a cap, very few people notice.

"The fact is that negotiations about which cap I will wear – Renault or Red Bull – are still going on. So I think when you wear a cap, you can spend less time in front of the mirror."