Sainz learning tricks from ‘bloody fast’ Hulk


Carlos Sainz concedes that he is playing catch-up to Nico Hulkenberg, who has “little tricks” that make him “very, very fast in qualifying”.

Hulkenberg has picked up 22 points so far this campaign while Sainz has only contributed three to Renault’s tally while the German has also outqualified him in the three races to date.

The Spaniard, who is in his first full season with the team having joined them at the backend of last year, says his team-mate’s experience has played a big role, but he is determined to learn the “little things” from Hulkenberg.

“For sure, Nico is very strong in qualifying,” he said. “I think he has always been. Probably with this car even more. He understands it very well.

“You could already see it, when I arrived in the team last year, he has these little tricks, little things that make him go very, very fast in qualifying, which I’m still discovering and adapting.”

He added: “He is a bloody fast guy, and on top of that he is very experienced. You can see it, all the time he is on track, he is on it.

“I’m still in my fourth year, but still learning a lot of stuff from the car at the same time. And I’m catching up little by little.

“It’s a 21-race year. We have done three. In one of them I have been the faster car. So I am not worried at all.”