Sainz: Red Bull engine change won’t affect me


Carlos Sainz reckons Red Bull’s decision to swap to Honda power won’t affect his future either with Red Bull or Renault.

Although Sainz is a Red Bull driver, the Spaniard joined Renault late last season on a loan deal.

That deal was done while Red Bull were still running Renault engines with Sainz remaining with the team for this year’s championship.

However, with Red Bull set to part ways with Renault at the end of this year that has raised questions about Sainz’s future.

He, however, is confident Red Bull’s move to Honda power won’t impact his racing career.

“I don’t think it changes anything on my future,” he said.

“I think last year, maybe the engine deals affected my future. This year, I don’t think my future depends on engine deals.”

Sainz, though, could yet step up to Red Bull’s senior team with Daniel Ricciardo linked to moves to Mercedes, Ferrari and more recently McLaren.

Asked if Ricciardo’s decision on his fuuture would impact Sainz’s, the Spaniard replied: “I’m pretty sure I will also have an influence on my future.

“I’m probably more dependent on Red Bull than Ricciardo.

“At the same time, Red Bull is the one who has an option on me to get me this year, and I’m depending a bit on that option.

“I think everything is going to develop from now one after this engine deal, and we’ll see what happens.”