Sainz Snr: Alonso is ‘not happy’ in Formula 1


The feeling that Fernando Alonso will leave Formula 1 at the end of the season continues to grow…

Alonso is getting increasingly frustrated with the sport, calling it “predictable” and the Monaco Grand Prix “boring” in this campaign alone.

Alonso is good friends with Renault’s Carlos Sainz, and his father Carlos Sainz Snr, gets the impression that his fellow compatriot wants more at this stage of his career.

“He is in a period when he would like to be in a different situation,” said Sainz Snr.

“He wants to fight for podiums and wins.

“When you’ve won before, and in his case he has won two world championships and fought for others, if you are not fighting for podiums, races, championships, it is logical that you are not happy.

“And it’s especially true if you are as experienced as he is and with the character that Fernando has.

“This year at McLaren the situation is a little bit better and let’s hope it improves more, but it’s true that maybe he and all of us who want the best for him were expecting something more.”

Ex-Formula 1 driver and Sky Sports pundit Martin Brundle also reckons Alonso will seek a new adventure for 2019.

He said: “I spoke with Alonso in Monaco and got the impression that he will not continue (in F1).”

Alonso is due to speak with McLaren about his future during the summer break in August.