Sainz to hit the ground running


Toro Rosso driver Carlos Sainz said there had been significant changes to his training regime in 2016, compared to what he had done at this stage last year.

Sainz, who resumed training in Madrid earlier this month, said particular emphasis had been placed on cardio, strength and specific training this term. Early indications are that a significant amount of time has already been devoted to that part of his preparation, which suggests that he will be ready to hit the ground running when the season gets into full swing.

"This year my programme has changed a bit compared to 2015. It generally consists of three different parts: cardio, strength and specific training," Sainz told the Toro Rosso website this week. 

"For the cardio exercise I do triathlons (swim, bike run); to improve my strength I train in the gym and for the specific training I go karting. On average I train three times a day, even though there are days when I do two or even only one to recover energy," added Sainz.

Another critical aspect to his preparations this season has been diet, something which continues to be crucial to a Formula 1 driver's success.

"My diet goes hand in hand with my training programme. Of course, I follow a very precise diet plan in order to weigh an optimum amount to face the new season. Let's say that my biggest meal is always at breakfast time, while dinner is always something very light," explained Sainz.

For Sainz, 2015 was all about learning and growing. This term his expectations are significantly higher, primarily because he knows more about himself as a person and as an athlete this year.

"I think I learned how difficult it is to always give your 100 percent every race weekend, throughout the whole season. This year there are even more races on the calendar, so my training purpose is thought to improve my performance, race by race. 

"I expect a long but fun Championship ahead, where I will make the most of all what I learned last year and I'm sure that we will make a step forward in terms of performance. It will be a challenging season but that doesn't scare me at all… Let's not forget that I'm living the dream of my life."