Sat: Williams, STR, Red Bull


It was all about getting a feel of things for the drivers in the wet in FP3 as there was no qualifying on Saturday.

Valtteri Bottas: “We had a good session this morning. We have learned a lot and improved the performance in the wet since yesterday. The tyres started to work reasonably well. Finishing fourth was much better than we would expect in the wet. We have to be ready for tomorrow, it will be busy but hopefully we can qualify well.”

Felipe Massa: “Today we ran FP3 in very wet conditions. Everyone wanted to get some running in so there were many cars on track at the start of the session. Because of this, most of my timed laps I had to deal with traffic. The conditions were very difficult and we had very limited running, so we can only hope Sunday brings us some good weather.”

Toro Rosso
Carlos Sainz: “What a rainy day! In the morning we were able to go out and run on extreme tyres. Even though it was very difficult out there, we managed to complete some laps and confirm the good feeling we had yesterday driving in the rain. Therefore, there are some positives to take from FP3, as we know we are quite competitive in the wet, but tomorrow everything can change… It could be raining again in qualy but dry in the race. It will be a challenge for both myself and the team to have both qualifying and the race on one same day, but I’m sure we will manage it well, and I’m excited and looking forward to it!”

Max Verstappen: “A bit of a strange day today, there’s been a lot of waiting around because of the rain… This morning in FP3 I wasn’t able to have much track time. I went out and did two laps, warming up a bit, but then there was an issue on the engine side – a misfire – so I had to come into the box and of course we lost a lot of track time. Once we went out again it was raining so hard that you couldn’t even go flat out, so it was a shame not to get a good preparation for qualifying. It’s a pity for the fans that came here today to have to postpone this session to tomorrow, but at least we tried to entertain them a bit in the pit-lane, getting our dads in our cars, bowling with Red Bull cans or fishing…! The funniest moment for me was when my dad told me he was jumping in the car, but that then he wasn’t going to get out again! J Hopefully we can give the fans a good day of track action tomorrow – I’m ready for it!”

Red Bull
Daniil Kvyat: “We couldn’t do anything about the weather today, we just had to be patient and keep ourselves ready. We tried to keep the fans entertained; it was incredible of them to stay out in this rain to support us. Hopefully everyone liked our dance – we were just improvising, going with the flow, you know the fans were standing there and we thought let’s try and do something, but I think we are pretty far away from getting a call from ‘Dancing with the Stars’! The fans that came out today couldn’t see much action so hopefully we can make up for that tomorrow.”

Daniel Ricciardo: “A massive shout-out to the fans that stuck it out all day! They showed a lot of spirit and enthusiasm and I think they encouraged everyone in the pit lane to have some fun and do something silly, so Dany and I decided to break out our dancing shoes – hope we made some people laugh! Hats off to them, they put in a top effort. Hopefully, we put on a good show for the fans tomorrow.”