Sauber preview the Canadian Grand Prix


Marcus Ericsson believes Montreal shares characteristics with Monaco, while Pascal Wehrlein believes the track plays to his strengths.

Marcus Ericsson: “I always look forward to the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, because I particularly like the track and the atmosphere around the circuit there. The city, the fans, the track and the event are just spectacular. It is a demanding track, especially because of its chicanes. The characteristic turns make it similar to Monaco. The combination of slow turns and long straights make it essential to bring the tyres to ideal temperature to get the right amount of grip. Of course top speed also plays a defining role.”

Pascal Wehrlein: “I am looking forward to the Canadian Grand Prix very much. In Montreal there will be many events this weekend to celebrate the Grand Prix. The track suits me well. It is a mixture of a street track and a racing track – a traditional race with a long history. Next to the engine power, a high braking stability, traction and good change of direction are the most important factors. The long straights offer good overtaking opportunities. Depending on the weather, the car’s aerodynamic configuration will also play an important role.”