Sauber saga drags on and on


As Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr put in their first laps in Australia on Friday, Sauber were told to have "sensible discussions" with Giedo van der Garde.

Sauber were back at the Supreme Court of Victoria on Friday for the latest chapter in the van der Garde saga.

The Dutchman is trying to force Sauber to let him race this weekend after the courts ruled that he was entitled to a seat with the Swiss team.

Sauber, though, appear to be doing all they can to keep Ericsson and Nasr as their line-up.

According to van der Garde's lawyer Jim Peters, Sauber's lawyers sent an email late Thursday night insisting that they had no contract with the Dutchman and therefore saw no reason to help him secure the required documents.

Peters explained that in doing so Sauber were blocking the driver from getting the super licence he is required to hold in order to race.

ABC Online reports Peters as having told the judge: "Sauber simply refuses to complete the paperwork. All Sauber has to do is sign the form.

"Sauber's taken the position that it will continue to prevent Mr van der Garde from getting a licence to drive by refusing to recognise him as one of the nominated drivers."

Peters also urged the court to seize Sauber's assets immediately as they are heading to Malaysia early next week.

"Time is of the essence in this matter," he stated.

"Sauber will leave the jurisdiction on Monday and one of the orders we seek is sequestration today or tomorrow of the racing equipment.

"The need for expedition is great, otherwise our entitlement to relief will be lost."

The day's proceedings ended with the judge reportedly urging both parties to "have very sensible discussions."

The next instalment of the saga is set to take place on Saturday morning when they return to court.