Sauber would embrace ‘franchise’ system


Monisha Kaltenborn says Sauber would embrace a “franchise system”, one that ensured the midfield teams could “survive” and be “competitive.”

Like many of the midfield teams, Sauber have struggled with finances in recent years, which has had a negative impact on the team’s competitiveness.

Although new owners came onboard last season, that has yet to have a major impact on Sauber’s form.

As such team boss Kaltenborn says she would welcome a franchise system, such as that used in many American sports.

“I think it makes sense to have that kind of a system,” reports her as having told GP Gazette.

“For me the most important thing is that the value of the sport and the value of each team is improved.

“Because we do ideally want to be in a world where it takes a lot to come in, but then, when you are in, you have a certain income and a certain existence, maybe not guaranteed – that is too strong a word – but given.

“You don’t have to fear that you won’t be able to exist at this level, because the sport is giving you enough income to have a business that works.

“You don’t need to have a huge profit, but one that allows you to be competitive in the sport. Maybe not for the Top 3, but, if you are among 10, in the midfield.

“So that’s, I think, the idea behind this and that’s something very good for the sport.

“And if we do that kind of a franchise system, I think it’s important that the brands which are in the sport are preserved. Because that again adds value to your franchise.

“It’s definitely something which will also appeal to people who are thinking about coming into the sport, because they know that what they are getting has a value and their future is in a way safe.

“Because if you fall out of the group, where do you go? There’s no league under F1 where you can go and where you can say: ‘you are now in the lower league, you can try and come up again.’

“That’s not how our sport works.

“So for anybody who wants to invest in the sport, you have to give the comfort that, yes, you can survive in here.”