‘Schumacher is still a top driver’


Michael Schumacher may not be winning races at the moment butStefano Domenicali reckons the Ferrari legend still has what it takes…

Michael Schumacher may not be winning grands prix at the moment, however, Stefano Domenicali reckons the Ferrari legend still has what it takes.

Although Schumacher won two World titles with Benetton, it was during his time at Ferrari that he reaped the bulk of his success, winning five successive Drivers’ Championships.

And although the German has struggled to even come close to winning a race, never mind repeating that feat, in his comeback to the sport with Mercedes GP, Domenicali is adamant he’s still up there with the best.

“I would say that Michael, knowing him quite well, he has not changed his approach in the way that he is doing his job now,” the Ferrari team boss said.

He added: “Honestly, I can see him fighting for something important if he has a great car.

“The difference from the past is that we were used to having only two drivers that were fighting. Now in this period we have four or five drivers that really, if you give them the same car, can challenge to be the winner.”

But while Domenicali has lauded the Mercedes GP driver, his comeback has witnessed more criticism than praise.

“Knowing him, the more you criticise him, the more he will want to show to everyone that he doesn’t deserve that,” the Italian added.

“I think that if he has the chance to have a great car, I’m sure that he will show once again (what he can do).

“Seven World titles mean something. I think that to win another title is difficult considering the conditions around but to show that he is still a top driver, I think that he will be there.”