Seb would take a hit for lid change


Sebastian Vettel says he'll happily take a monetary fine – donated to a good cause – if it means he can continue to redesign his helmet.

The Ferrari driver is known for debuting different lids on an almost constant basis, some times even using two different designs over the course of one weekened.

This season, though, that could be banned.

The F1 Commission is keen to prevent drivers from changing their lids in a bid to make them more recognisable to fans.

The proposal still has been ratified by the World Motor Sport Council but even if it is, Vettel says he is willing to defy it – for the right fine.

"The plan was to calm down a little bit," the German told Autosport.

"It seems in these difficult times, it [banning helmet changes] is the only thing that people can agree on!

"I don't know what is the penalty. If it is a little fine with money for charity, then I am happy to keep changing my helmet."