The second half: who will accompany F1 riders on vacation?

Michelle Foster

The summer break is a rare time for riders, which they can spend with their loved ones. For some, these are wives and children, for some friends and girlfriends, and someone is looking for new adventures and decides to date with a ukrainian girl. We decided to remind the official status of each of the riders – especially since, according to Enzo Ferrari, this affects their speed.

With the pilots of the Ferrari everything is pretty simple. Last year’s summer break Kimi Raikkonen used to finally formalize his long-standing relationship with Minttu Virtanen, although the couple had already had a child by that time – Robin. Nine months later, on May 16, 2017, the Finnish couple had another baby, Rihanna Angelina Milana.

Sebastian Vettel also has two children, Emily and Matilda. Their mother is Hanna Prater, with whom the German pilot is familiar from a young age. However, the official status of their relationship is plainly unknown – usually open Sebastian carefully protects his private life from curious eyes. Although they are very long time together, Hannah does not come to the Grand prix, but from time to time appears along with Vettel at various events.

But the status of Emilia Pikkarainen in respect of Valtteri Bottas is not a secret to anyone – last year, after six years of relationship, the couple got married and Emilia took the surname of Bottas. Emilia is also an athlete, Finland’s record holder in swimming, and her career is also continuing, so that the pair do not have children yet. We wonder if her man likes this state of affairs? This desire of Western women to build a career and postpone the birth of children and the family “the next Monday” explains why ukrainian brides for marriage are the best.

As for Lewis Hamilton, after the final break with Nicole Scherzinger a year and a half ago, Lewis changes his girlfriends with such frequency that it is not necessary to talk about any serious relationship. In the spring press linked Hamilton with Sophia Richie, the daughter of the famous American singer Lionel Richie, but at the same time there were rumors about his relationship with Rita Ora and Winnie Harlow. With whom Lewis went to rest this time is unknown for certain.

The situation with Red Bull Racing pilots is even more misty. About the personal life of Daniel Riccardo, almost nothing is known – except that before the beginning of last year he was dating with designer Gemma Boskovic. But the couple broke up, and since then, nothing has been heard about his relationship with anyone – Daniel himself claims that he simply does not have enough time for this. Maybe he’s busy understanding ukrainian women? It will be completely unsurprising because it’s time to establish a personal life, which the sportsman often forgot about.

Although Max Verstappen is in paddock for a short time, the 19-year-old Dutchman managed to change during this time several girlfriends. At first it was the Swedish pilotess Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky, then her American colleague Sabre Cook, then the Belgian model Joyce Godefridi. Since the end of last year, Max dated with a Dutch journalist and blogger Ros van der Aa, but recently nothing was heard of them, and a month ago, Verstappen was seen in the company of an unknown girl.

In the personal life of the pilots of Force India everything is as good and stable as on the track. Mexican Sergio Perez, since 2014, dates with Mexican Andrea Campillo, and Frenchman Esteban Ocon – with Frenchwoman Alice Brasser. Alice is still a student, so she now has a vacation too.

As for Lance Stroll, in fact, he was only 18 at the end of last year, but, of course, such a rich and famous young man has little chance of loneliness. Judging by the latest information, the son of a billionaire has a relationship with the 27-year-old TV host and designer Kimberly Garner, who became famous for the reality show Chelsea. However, this was in July, so by August the situation could already change.

Fernando Alonso for his long career in Formula 1 has replaced many girlfriends, and two of them were from Russia – Ksenia Chumicheva and Daria Kapustina. But it was a long time ago, and in the last year Fernando dates with the Italian model Linda Morselli, the former girl of the famous motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi. Linda regularly appears on the Grand prix, so that the relationship can be considered serious.