See if the formula adds up when betting on sports

Date published: March 7 2017

Listen to your gut. I like that horse’s name. Close your eyes and visualise the winner to place a bet. It is that team’s turn to win. So much of placing bets seems magical or intuitive.

In contrast, setting odds that determine a points spread or pay out seems more mathematical. With new sporting seasons gearing up like Formula One racing and baseball, now is a good time to add some math into the scenario.

Even betting has a foundation in math. Determining a formula to use for consistent betting can help you win more often. It is important to pay attention to the odds when placing a bet. See how often you select a team with high versus low odds of winning. Generally, low odds means the statisticians have determined that is the team or person most likely to win.

However, lower odds also mean a lower pay out. To find a consistent formula for winning more money than losing, you need to balance the likelihood of winning with the bookmaker’s odds for that team, player, or match up. Over time, track how often your current strategy wins versus loses. Adjust based on the odds and find a set of values that helps you win more than fifty percent of the time.

Looking another type of formula, auto racing season for Formula One vehicles is starting up soon for this year. Drivers can make or break a race and the odds will change more dramatically when there is a driver change as opposed to a vehicle change. An untested driver will increase the odds. The higher the odd, the less likely that driver is to win according to bookmakers.

Not to be confused with NASCAR, Formula One racing has a unique and dedicated following in Canada. Grand Prix races are held all over the globe and sophisticated auto makers like Ferrari, Mercedes, and McLaren sponsor teams. Online sports’ betting is a practical and fun method for taking a chance on your favorite driver and machine team.

One great online sports’ betting site in Canada is Sportingbet review. A review of the site shows that both life and static betting is offered along with a mobile app. Since 1998, this site has provided countless options for Canadians to places bets for a wide range of sporting events. Live streaming and real time betting are available.

For comprehensive information on online betting, Online Gambling has an entire page devoted to racing. Whether driven by a motor or a heartbeat, this site offers a load of options for Canadian enthusiasts. This site also has links and information about other online casinos. Promotions are frequently offered and a great way to join.

Finding one reliable site for sports’ betting will make it easier to track your formula for betting to help determine a better, math based approach. Balancing odds and the likelihood of winning can help you earn more money and increase your confidence with placing bets.