Shark fins out, Halo in for 2018


Formula 1 is set to bid farewell to shark fins and T-wings come 2018, however, don’t expect beautiful cars as Halo is likely to be introduced.

FIA race director Charlie Whiting held a media briefing at the Albert Park street circuit on Thursday in which the look of this year’s car was one of the hot topics.

Many in Formula 1 have criticised the use of the shark fins, which the teams have incorporated into their designs to help control airflow to the rear wing.

Some teams have added to this by introducing T-wings.

Next year, though, they are likely to be banned.

“Next year, I think there is quite a good chance that that [ban] will be done because quite a few people feel that they are a bit of an unsightly thing,” said Whiting.

“I personally don’t have anything against them, but it was something that was always going to be possible. I think the reaction of everybody probably wasn’t expected.”

However, the cars may still look unsightly to some next season as Formula 1 is on track to introduce cockpit protection in the form of Halo.

“It was agreed by the strategy group and the Formula One Commission that there would be additional frontal protection for 2018,” Whiting explained. “So far the halo is the only candidate solution that fits the bill.”