Silverstone boss slams ‘s***’ F1


Silverstone boss Patrick Allen has hit out at Formula 1, describing as a "s*** product" that is "not saleable."

Although Silverstone sported a sell-out crowd for the 2014 grand prix, other circuits failed to bring in the crowds.

The dwindling numbers have been blamed on a lack of excitement, noise and too many rules governing both the technology and the racing.

This is something that Allen recently voiced to Bernie Ecclestone.

"Months and months back I said it to Mr E himself that I can't sell tickets for a s*** product," he told the Independent.

"Fans don't want to see a procession. As a promoter I can only promote what you give me and if that isn't up to standard, people aren't going to buy.

"I've said that people don't come to watch guys looking at data screens. Fans want to see gladiators racing and fighting it out in a fair fight.

"Nobody wants to hear drivers getting told to "lift", "coast" or "we're not going to catch the guy in front, settle for second".

"I think it is criminal when we have got to that state of racing and that is not saleable. I think Bernie is as frustrated with it as we all are.

"How long is it before the technical director is stood on the top step, not the driver? You've just got to throw the towel in then and look for something else."

Allen's comments come in the wake of news that Silverstone faces an uncertain future.

Although it sported a sell-out crowd in 2014, finances have been tight resulting in this year's £16 million fee being deferred to next year.

The newspaper added that "Silverstone’s plight has led to it paying the hosting fee for the British race in arrears and Ecclestone has the right to terminate the contract next year."

Allen, meanwhile, says F1 could learn from MotoGP.

"I'm massively into F1 and used to race bikes. If you compare F1 to MotoGP, they are changing lead every few minutes, there are at least three or four guys that are going to do well. The Brits can do well in it. It is exciting stuff to watch.

"In my opinion you should probably get flag-to-flag racing back into F1. You go out with a tank of fuel and once you're out there you're gone until the second flag drops. The Stirling Moss days. Do away with pit stops.

"Once you're out there you're on your own mate, and you're not allowed to communicate at all. You go back to using your pit board."