Silverstone win ’empowered’ Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton has pinpointed his fifth British Grand Prix win as the turning point in his season after becoming World Championship leader for the first time in 2017.

The Brit has won three out of the last four races and opened up a three-point lead to title rival Sebastian Vettel and has registered back-to-back victories – the first driver to complete this particular feat this season.

"It's been a real constant search and battle for perfection to overhaul Ferrari," Hamilton told reporters.

"Silverstone was a real empowering weekend and it kind of sparked a forest fire within me and that's hopefully reflecting in my driving.

"These last few races have been very solid. I felt more heart and passion within myself, I have found more in myself in the last three or four races."

Hamilton also revealed that his confidence has also come from all areas of the team striving to do their best to bring home both titles again this year.

“[Monza was] just an exceptional weekend from the team,” he added to Channel 4.

“This team has really just shown, these past two weeks, such strength collectively. We had the bosses in Italy from Daimler, from Mercedes, from Petronas who are so heavily involved.

“For me it’s really inspiring to see that they’re so involved and so keen for us to be the best, because that gives me confidence that it can continue for many years to come.

“There’s just no fault through any part of the team in terms of really understanding the car and squeezing every bit of juice out of this thing. That’s why you saw that pace. We’ve got to make sure we continue to do that these next races.”